Distinguished Young Women participants come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common: the desire to succeed. Below are the Distinguished Young Women of California participants for the Class of 2022.

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Sophia Zaninovich


City: Bakersfield

College Preference: Apply directly into a nursing program out of state

Career Goals: Nurse

Talent: Singing (Valerie, by Amy Winehouse)

Angela Hao

Buena Park

City: Buena Park

College Preference:

Career Goals:

Talent: Ballet and Chinese fan dance  ("Big Fish", by Sung by Zhou Shen)

Alexia Civit


City: Cardiff By The Sea

College Preference: University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Career Goals: Field scientist and environmental activist

Talent: Contemporary dance (Heart Cry by Drehz, by Alexia Civit)

Einstina Wang

Central Cypress

City: Cypress

College Preference: Harvard College

Career Goals: Biomedical Researcher

Talent: Piano & Violin (1) Nutcracker-Trepak, 2) Symphonie espagnole in D minor, by 1) Tchaikovsky, 2) Lalo)

Eunice Shin

Central Los Angeles County

City: Los Angeles

College Preference: Brown

Career Goals: Microbiologist, Political Science

Talent: Dance (Pure Water (Clean), by Mustard & Migos)

Shruti Chari

Central San Diego County

City: San Diego

College Preference:

Career Goals:

Talent: Vocal Performance ("I Dreamed A Dream"- Les Miserables, by )

Tiffany Cheng

Cerritos-Artesia East

City: Artesia

College Preference: Yale University

Career Goals: Graphic Designer, Digital Artist

Talent: Dance (Awaiting, by Emily Jing)

Anisha Hemnani

Cerritos-Artesia West

City: Cerritos

College Preference: USC/UCD

Career Goals: Biomedical

Talent: Semi-Classical Indian Dance  (Ghar More Pardesiya , by Shreya Ghoshal )

Amara Gaudelli-McGee


City: Chino

College Preference: Howard University

Career Goals: Law

Talent: Painting and Drawing 

Aubrey Ruanto


City: Delano

College Preference: University of California, Los Angeles

Career Goals: Child Psychologist

Talent: Self-Choreographed Dance (Good Job, by Alicia Keys)

Emily Lee

East Los Angeles County

City: Azusa

College Preference: Wellesley, Brown

Career Goals: Neuroscience Researcher, Artist

Talent: Musical Theatre Performance (Live Out Loud from a Little Princess, by Brian Crawley and Andrew Lippa)

Madeleine Hott

East Riverside

City: Riverside

College Preference: UCLA, UCSD, USC, or Stanford

Career Goals: Marketing Manager for Athletic Corporation

Talent: Pinan Ni Kata 

Joy Gao

Garden Grove

City: Garden Grove

College Preference: University of California Irvine

Career Goals: Data Scientist/Business Administration

Talent: Chinese Traditional Dance (Water goddess, by Ling Jin)

Sanvi Pal

Greater San Diego County

City: San Diego

College Preference: Any prestigious engineering school

Career Goals: Engineer

Talent: Bollywood Dance (Ghani Bawri, by Jyoti Nooran)

Flora Yuan

Inland San Diego County

City: San Diego

College Preference:

Career Goals: STEM + Music

Talent: Classical Vocal (Oh! Had I Jubal’s Lyre, by George Frideric Handel)

Skylar Paxton

Lake Forest

City: Lake Forest

College Preference: Boston University

Career Goals: Journalist

Talent: Color Guard (Rifle , by Jessica Rico)

Minh-Nha Kawamura


City: Livermore

College Preference: UC Berkeley, Harvard

Career Goals: Surgeon

Talent: Instrument-cello (Prelude from Suite 1 in G Major, by Johann Sebastian Bach)

Emmy Chen

Los Alamitos

City: Los Alamitos

College Preference: Stanford University

Career Goals: Software Engineer

Talent: Chinese Traditional Dance (Imperial Jade, by Lin Niu, Jing Ling)

Anushka Srinivasan

Los Altos

City: Los Altos

College Preference:

Career Goals:

Talent: Bharatanatyam Performance (Shape Of You (Carnatic Mix), by performed by Aditya Rao, IndianRaga, Mahesh Raghvan, and Vinod Krishnan and written by Ed Sheeran)

Emily Zhou

Monte Sereno

City: Monte Sereno

College Preference: Harvard University, Princeton University

Career Goals: Doctor, Biomedical Entrepreneur

Talent: Flute Performance (Andante Pastoral, by Composed by Paul Taffanel)

Natalie Kim

North Cypress

City: Cypress

College Preference: Harvard College

Career Goals: Neuroscientist, Epidemiology Researcher

Talent: Djembe (African Unique Traditional Dance and Music, by Frank Reina)

Japleen Kaur

North Fremont

City: Fremont

College Preference: UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University

Career Goals: Computer Science

Talent: Martial Arts – Taekwondo (4 Seasons and Palm Board Breaking, by America's Best Karate (adapted form))

Michelle Chang

North Fullerton

City: Fullerton

College Preference: Harvard University

Career Goals: Bio-Engineering

Talent: Contemporary Folk Dance Fusion (Don't Be Afraid, by Jike Junyi)

Tristin Trombley

North Los Angeles County

City: Chatsworth

College Preference: UCSB, UCLA

Career Goals: Teacher, Instructional Designer

Talent: R&B Singing (Best Part , by Daniel Caesar)

Reagan Oliveira


City: Oakdale

College Preference: CSU Stanislaus

Career Goals: Become an English teacher and teach English abroad

Talent: Singing/Playing the Guitar (To Become Someone (original), by Reagan Oliveira)

Jana Woo


City: Saratoga

College Preference:

Career Goals: Major in Computer Science

Talent: Diving 

Anna Livingstone

Scripps Ranch

City: San Diego

College Preference: American University

Career Goals: Congressional Representative

Talent: Clarinet (Concerto No. 3 for Clarinet, by Carl Stamitz)

Nicole Morris


City: Shafter

College Preference: Abilene Christian University

Career Goals: theater, psychology, or interior design

Talent: Monologue  (The Mask of Night , by Shakespeare )

Kaiann Yang

South Cypress

City: Cypress

College Preference: UCI

Career Goals: Criminology, federal law enforcement

Talent: Cultural Dance (Dunhuang Flying Asparas, by Ling Jin)

Advika Bhike

South Fremont

City: Fremont

College Preference: University of California Berkeley

Career Goals: Professor

Talent: Vocal (Set Fire to the Rain (song), by Adele)

Eunice Yi

South Fullerton

City: Fullerton

College Preference: Undecided

Career Goals: Psychiatrist

Talent: Music--Piano (Revolutionary Étude Op. 10, No. 12, by Frédéric Chopin)

Simone Yu

South Los Angeles County

City: Hacienda Heights

College Preference: UC Berkeley/UCLA/Stanford

Career Goals: CEO/International Entrepreneur

Talent: Piano (Jardins Sous La Pluie, by Claude Debussy)

Aspen Wooley


City: Turlock

College Preference: BYU-Hawaii

Career Goals: Graphic Designer

Talent: Music (Cello Selection) (Medley of the Masters, by Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms & Giuseppi Verdi/arr. Robert McCashin)

Julia Abbott

West Los Angeles County

City: Los Angeles

College Preference: Harvard University

Career Goals: Journalist at The New York Times

Talent: Dance (Dynasty, by Miia)

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