Distinguished Young Women participants come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common: the desire to succeed. Below are the Distinguished Young Women of California participants for the Class of 2021.

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Carissa Sales


City: Bakersfield

College Preference: Cal Poly San Louis Obispo

Career Goals: Nutritionist/Dietitian

Talent: Classical Ballet Variation 

Jessica Shiflett


City: Camarillo

College Preference: UC Berkeley, UCLA

Career Goals: Entrepreneur, Coder

Talent: Thai Classical Dance (Nora, by Originated in India)

Skyla Nelson


City: Carlsbad

College Preference: Undecided

Career Goals: Nursing, ASL

Talent: Contemporary dance (All I Ask - Adele, by Juli Yamanaka)

Cynthia Zhang

Central San Diego County

City: San Diego

College Preference: MIT

Career Goals: Cybersecurity Engineer

Talent: Piano (Black Keys Etude, by Frédéric Chopin)

Ashley Gong


City: Cerritos

College Preference: UCLA, UC Berkeley

Career Goals: Psychology of Business

Talent: Singing (Skyfall, by Adele)

Natalie Mariscal


City: Fresno

College Preference: UCI

Career Goals: Physican Assistant

Talent: Singing 

Karina Li


City: Cypress

College Preference: Stanford University, UCLA

Career Goals: Information Technology Professional

Talent: Chinese Folk Dance (Ling's Dance Academy, by Ling Jin)

Janine Jiang


City: Danville

College Preference: top-notch college

Career Goals: STEM

Talent: Piano (Isle Joyeuse, by Claude Debussy)

Caroline Hamm

Del Norte County

City: Crescent City

College Preference: University of Oregon

Career Goals: Dietitian

Talent: Lyrical/Contemporary Dance (Try, by Colbie Caillat)

Randi Joaquino


City: Delano

College Preference: UCSD

Career Goals: Become a dermatologist

Talent: Dance  (Tap, by Barbie Rodriguez)

Sage Saling

East Los Angeles County

City: Los Angeles

College Preference: University of Michigan, Columbia

Career Goals: United Nations Women, Theatrical Performer

Talent: Vocal Performance (I Miss the Mountains from Next to Normal , by Tom Kitt)

Nicole Zakharyan


City: Fresno

College Preference: University of California, Riverside

Career Goals: Physician

Talent: Singing (Мы едем в далекие края, by N/A)

Isabella Caputo

Greater Bakersfield

City: Bakersfield

College Preference: Undecided

Career Goals: Business

Talent: Piano (Harry Potter Medley, by John Williams, arranged by Isabella Caputo)

Vivian Chung

Greater San Diego County

City: San Diego

College Preference: UC Berkeley

Career Goals: Pharmaceutical Engineer/ Biomedical Engineer

Talent: Stand Up Comedy ("Why do Parents have Children?", by Original)

Shriya Selvakumar

Inland San Diego County

City: San Diego

College Preference: Undecided

Career Goals: Science and Technology

Talent: Bharatanatyam (Thillana , by Suba)

Brianna Tang


City: Irvine

College Preference: Standford, University of Pennsylvania

Career Goals: Businesswoman and/or Computer Scientist

Talent: Baking 

Nina Lidar

Los Angeles County

City: La Canada Flintridge

College Preference: Brown University

Career Goals: Lawyer

Talent: Singing (La Vie en Rose, by Edith Piaf)

Madeline Glave

North Los Angeles County

City: Encino

College Preference: University of Michigan, Elon University

Career Goals: Actress-Singer-Dancer

Talent: Singing (Once Upon A Time, by From the Musical Brooklyn)

Jadyn Rau


City: Oakdale

College Preference: Stanford University

Career Goals: Anesthesiologist

Talent: Tap Dance (Singing in the rain, by Self)

Wai Yan Fong


City: Pittsburg

College Preference: Yale University, Princeton University

Career Goals: Educator

Talent: Guzheng (Lament of Lin'an, by Jiliang Lin)

Ashley Youm


City: Placentia

College Preference: Rice Univeersity

Career Goals: Criminologist

Talent: Hip-Hop (Rap God , by Eminem )

Julia Adey


City: Pleasanton

College Preference:

Career Goals:

Talent: Poetry (Societal standards of women, by Julia Adey)

Kate MacPherson


City: Roseville

College Preference: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, UC Santa Barbara

Career Goals: International Relations, Communications

Talent: Irish fusion dance (Gaelic Storm , by Choreographed by Melissa O\'Sullivan Castillo)

Sofia Gaxiola

San Diego

City: San Diego

College Preference: Berkeley, UCLA

Career Goals: Neurobiology & Health/Nutrition

Talent: Vocal (Fly me to the Moon, by Frank Sinatra)

Angela Tsang

San Jose

City: San Jose

College Preference: IU, USC

Career Goals: Computational Biology, Piano

Talent: Classical Piano (Etude Op. 10 No. 12, Revolutionary, by Fryderyk Chopin)

Michelle Shen

Santa Rosa

City: Santa Rosa

College Preference: University of California, Berkeley

Career Goals: Biomedical Engineer

Talent: ballet (Lilac Fairy variation, by choreographed by Marius Petipa)

Shelbee Ramos


City: Shafter

College Preference: Oxnard College

Career Goals: Dental Hygienist

Talent: Vocal "All I Ask" by Adele 

Chizaram Izima

South Los Angeles County

City: Norwalk

College Preference: Johns Hopkins University, UC San Diego

Career Goals: Neurologist or Physician Assistant

Talent: Singing (A Change is Gonna Come, by Sam Cook)

Lilyane Stessman


City: Turlock

College Preference: UC Berkeley

Career Goals: Computer Science

Talent: Piano (Sonatina Op.88 No.3, by Friedrich Kuhlau)

Suzanne Wheeler

West Los Angeles County

City: Torrance

College Preference: CalTech, Cal Poly SLO

Career Goals: Ankle Surgeon, Sports Medicine

Talent: Dance (It's Oh So Quiet, by Bjork)

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